Relax It’s On Sale

A variety of media were used to promote the sale of high-end Soak products at a lower price.


Massage Tub Video Board

The “Relax” campaign was used mainly on video billboards around Edmonton. The “Relax, it’s on sale” tagline had a double meaning for viewers. First, these high-priced items were now less expensive, so buyers didn’t have to stress. Second, viewers could relax...while using the products.

Soak Massage Tub Video Board


Steam Shower Video Board

We placed large-format video billboard ads for the “Relax” campaign because they offered excellent value. These ads reminded consumers of other Soak messages that we were promoting through other media, and the billboards’ large size and strategic placement gave Soak maximum exposure for relatively low cost.

Following best practice, we created simple, direct, easily-understood ads with large images and short copy. These ads were shown in a series, each ad featuring a different Soak product.

Soak Steam Shower Video Board


Swim Spa Video Board

The swim spa videoboard ad featured consistent design style as other ads in Soak’s “Relax” campaign. The consistent fonts, colours and messaging all reinforced the campaign branding and ensured a consistent experience for viewers. The messaging was simple, with the word “relax” highlighted, along with the price, so that drivers could easily see what products are on sale while passing by. The videoboardssideboards were selected based on location and proximity to Soak stores.

Soak Swim Spa Video Board


Sun Newspaper Ad

To reach a broader audience for Soak’s “Relax” campaign, we designed an ad for the Edmonton Sun newspaper. These ads targeted a different audience than the videoboards, since they reached viewers who didn’t drive, or might not be driving near the outdoor ads. The Edmonton Sun’s high circulation in areas throughout the city also made it an attractive choice when broadening Soak’s advertising scope.

Soak Sun Newspaper Ad


Sun Ad Variations

Echoing the style of the Soak videoboards, we created ads for the Edmonton Sun newspaper that featured different products in different weekly ads. The same messaging and campaign branding was present, and we included more details for readers since the medium allowed for it. The persuasive ads showed each product’s features, as well as compared the regular and sale prices. Consistent with other Soak ads, the main call to action was the contact information, including locations and website URL.

Soak Sun Ad Variations

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