Retail supplier of steam showers, jetted massage tubs, luxury bath products, hot tubs and patio furnishings.

Logo Design

Company Logo

Any company’s logo must reflect their service or product, with iconic imagery to strengthen identity and brand. A logo should also be timeless...designed for longevity within the company’s industry or market. We created Soak’s distinctive logo following these principles.

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Brand Elements

A brand isn’t a colour or a font, it’s how your customers describe you to others. Since branding shapes your customers’ opinions and therefore your reputation, it must be consistent and memorable.

When designing different pieces for Soak, we knew that brand identity elements aren’t always restricted to letterhead and business cards, they can also encompass promotional items that help customers understand a company’s products or services. This helped us create persuasive, memorable items that reached Soak’s potential customers.

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Website & Online Advertising

Company Website

A website is an extension of a company’s brand and should contain consistent, persuasive imagery to encourage brand recognition. An intermediary touch point for a call to action, customers use a company’s website to make informed decisions. Soak’s website was also designed as an effective sales tool to showcase their products.

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Publication & Direct Mail Advertising

Advertising in publications and via direct mail reaches customers on a more intimate level because it allows companies to tap into a target market’s interests or reach out to them directly. When creating publication and direct mail for Soak, we placed ads in specific magazines to attract their target audience and made sure the ads showcased attractive products or current sales.

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Large Format

Store Signage & Outdoor Media

Large-format advertising reminds consumers of messages that are being promoted through other media. It’s important to stick to simple, direct messaging, using only a few words. Large-format pieces (such as store signage and outdoor billboards) give great value because they are relatively low-cost and offer a lot of exposure. We used large-format ads for Soak to further promote the company’s brand and their featured products and sales.

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Relax It’s On Sale

We created Soak’s “Relax, it’s on sale” campaign to promote featured products and sales, with brand-consistent messaging. We used a variety of mediums and a consistent look and feel to reinforce brand retention with customers.

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