TinHouse Designs & Coffee Co. Logos

Logo design for two entities under the same name: TinHouse Designs & TinHouse Coffee Co.

Logo Design

TinHouse Designs Logo

We created the TinHouse Designs logo as the first identity piece to showcase the artists’ work. The logo icon is a flat, illustrated version of the tin artwork. The sketched look of the “Designs” typeface mimics the style of the artwork, while the grey and black colours act as subtle complements to the artwork when placed on the same page.

TinHouse TinHouse Designs Logo

Logo Design

TinHouse Coffee Co. Logo

The TinHouse Design & Coffee Co logo was designed when the coffee shop opened to house the artist’s work. The look and feel was consistent with the first logo -- the coffee cup was surrounded by a square frame, and the colours and typefaces matched. We used a more modern font for the “Designs & Coffee Co” word mark to indicate the coffee shop’s artsy, hip atmosphere.

TinHouse TinHouse Coffee Co. Logo

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