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We’re a full service agency offering branding, graphic design, advertising and marketing, print services, and website design.

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Branding & Logo.

Branding is the key to the success of any business. In simple terms, branding is the physical, emotional and psychological representation of a company. Branding is the lifestyle that a product or service evokes.

We work with a variety of businesses, many of which are in need for a new brand. Starting with the logo, a strong logo can strengthen a company’s image by offering consistent iconic imagery that the public can identify with. Once the logo is complete, business stationary, signage, and brochures offer consistent messaging and creative direction that represents the company, who they are, and their values. This is what we call the brand.

Our branding services consist of brand strategy, logo design, and creative direction of brand materials.

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Marketing vs Advertising.

People often confuse marketing with advertising. While both are important, it is even more crucial to understand the difference.

What is Marketing? Marketing is the planning and implementation of a brand. It is the intention of preparing the company and brand for the market place, buyers and sellers. Marketing consists of advertising, sales, public relations, planning, research, etc.

What is Advertising? Advertising is the voice of the product or service. Advertising spreads the word of what your company has to offer through mediums like direct mail, billboards, television, publications, web, radio, etc. A great advertising campaign can effectively reach your target audience on multiple channels and in turn increase sales and leads.

Marketing as a Tool.

We use marketing as a tool for developing great advertising campaigns. Through thorough research, and planning, we will effectively pinpoint your potential customers. We take you through our process: Consulting, Creative design, and Execution to develop an effective and creative advertising campaign.

Consulting. Creative Design. Execution.

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Graphic Design.

Graphic Design is the process of taking a great idea and bringing it to life. Graphic design is often a visual representation of a brands message with visual and textual content. It is the executional component of a great campaign and creative representation of a great idea.

Our Graphic Design services include both print and digital forms of execution such as photo editing, illustration, layout design, digital media design, large format design, etc.

Print media isn’t dead, yet.

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Print Media.

As much as digital media is needed in today’s age, so is print media. Once an idea or campaign has been executed, we bring it to life with print. Through mediums such as direct mail, publication advertising, brochures, and large format printing, we coordinate with printers and consult with you on your printing needs. We have many years of experience in print production and can provide our expertise on the right paper and printing for your project. We’ll take a project from concept to print and ensure your product is printed at the highest quality.

One of our specialities is large format advertising, such as wall murals, building wraps, large signage, billboards, and window perforations. While these require print production, they also require installation. We will coordinate with the printer, provide pricing AND offer delivery and installation services. Like we said, we’re a full service agency.

“I hear there’s rumours on the, uh…internets.”

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Website Design.

Former President George W. Bush was right about rumours on the internets, and the rumour is…you need a modern, mobile-friendly website. According to Google, 4.8 billion Canadian Google searches are performed each month and 93% of Canadians go online for business and product information. Additionally, mobile traffic from tablets and smart phones now accounts for over half of all internet traffic.

We specialize in developing user-friendly commercial websites using modern web standards and responsive design. This ensures our client’s sites are inviting, attractive, and provide an exceptional user experience from mobile phones, iPads and tablets, to laptop and desktop computers.