Parkwood Master Builder

Picture Yourself Ad Campaign

Magazine ad campaign for Parkwood Master Builder.


New Home Guide Ad

To help Parkwood promote their upgraded, high-quality home interiors, we created a friendly ad that put the customer’s future into the ad (they could “picture” themselves in the Parkwood home). We ran this ad in the New Home Guide because its audience included young families in middle-to-upper-income brackets, making the magazine a good fit for Parkwood.

Parkwood Master Builder New Home Guide Ad


New Home Buyers Guide Ad

We also placed a series of ads in the New Home Buyers Guide, another Edmonton-based publication that helped Parkwood reach its desired audience (couples and families with middle-to-upper incomes). The friendly, image-heavy ads again used the “picture yourself” tagline and photo overlay to encourage the customer to picture themselves in the homes. The colourful icons denoting the upgrade packages again made an appearance, tying the ads into other marketing pieces for this campaign.

Parkwood Master Builder New Home Buyers Guide Ad


Epoch Times Ad

We ran a variation of the “picture yourself” ads in the Epoch Times to showcase the different Parkwood products available. We chose this publication to expand Parkwood’s audience and reach interested home buyers who might not read other mainstream publications.

This version of the ad is consistent with the original campaign, but we redesigned its photo-themed elements due to space constraints. The ad was friendly, clean and easy to read.

Parkwood Master Builder Epoch Times Ad

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