Parkwood Master Builder

Parkwood Group of Companies is a small-volume builder placing emphasis on customer service and high-quality workmanship.


Corporate Brand

We were tasked with creating a brand style for Parkwood that matched their existing look and feel (including company imagery and taglines) while refreshing their identity. We created a modern, corporate, recognizable identity that Parkwood can use for years to come.

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Print Advertising

We delivered marketing campaigns for Parkwood to help promote waves of new homes they were building. We used fun, interesting taglines and images to capture the attention of target audiences. The result was fresh, clean and eye-catching ads.

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Large Format

Outdoor Signage

We used large-format advertising for Parkwood to attract maximum exposure for relatively low cost. Our outdoor billboards were consistent with our other campaign materials and used bold, clean images and simple taglines to attract attention.

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Picture Yourself Ad Campaign

Our branded “Picture” campaign focused on Parkwood’s upgrade packages and showcased their high-quality home interiors. We used the “picture yourself in a Parkwood home” tagline and the polaroid photo overlay as a fun element to attract the audience’s attention and spur their imaginations.

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