Parkwood Master Builder

Corporate Brand

We created a modern, corporate, and recognizable brand identity for Parkwood Master Builder.



The Parkwood letterhead was designed to be consistent with other brand elements and included the logo in the upper left. Its clean, simple look meant it was easy to read and use, and we ensured it wasn’t boring by using bold patterns in the header and footer.

Parkwood Master Builder Letterhead


Feature Sheet

Parkwood needed feature sheets to hand out to customers that outlined the specifications for various home designs. We designed these one-page pieces to effectively showcase the high-quality products using large images while keeping a branded, modern and professional look and feel.

Parkwood Master Builder Feature Sheet


Gatefold Brochure

Parkwood’s gatefold brochure explains about the company (“the Parkwood difference”) using friendly, bold imagery and clean copy. The consistent, branded look reinforces the strong messaging, and the gatefold format presents more content while still making it accessible and easy to read.

Parkwood Master Builder Gatefold Brochure


Luxury Collections Brochure

We designed a larger brochure to feature information about the company’s upgrade packages. Keeping the same modern, clean look and feel as Parkwood’s other branded marketing materials, we incorporated colourful, playful icons on the front.

Parkwood Master Builder Luxury Collections Brochure


Presentation Folder

The Parkwood presentation folder was designed with three pockets to hold any kind of marketing materials that staff might need to give customers. We emphasized Parkwood’s wood grain imagery while maintaining a consistent look, giving a lasting brand impression.

Parkwood Master Builder Presentation Folder

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