Kingsway Toyota

Outdoor Advertising

Large format advertising for Kingsway Toyota included building banners, window perfs and billboards.

Large Format

Building Banner

We created the exterior building banners for Kingsway Toyota to use free space on the building and to be visible from the road nearby, giving visitors a welcoming first impression. The design used consistent imagery from other advertising materials and reinforced Kingsway Toyota’s brand.

Kingsway Toyota Building Banner

Large Format

Window Perf

Kingsway Toyota’s exterior windows were a perfect opportunity to communicate the dealership’s products while enticing in potential customers. We chose an eye-catching mural of a mountain scene with a bold, attractive truck to emphasize the quality of their certified used vehicles.

Kingsway Toyota Window Perf

Large Format


To give Kingsway Toyota the most exposure, we created billboards to reinforce messaging in other media. The billboard was designed to appear like the vehicle was coming off the billboard, and the simple messaging ensured that passing drivers could absorb the information about the dealership and the car’s pricing quickly. The Kingsway Toyota logo completed the branded look and feel.

Kingsway Toyota Billboard

Large Format

Billboard Campaign

Additional billboards for Kingsway Toyota’s advertising campaign kept a similar look and feel to reinforce recognition in the audience and communicate the feeling of depth. Different vehicle models were showcased, all with a similar art style and consistent logo, font and colours.

Kingsway Toyota Billboard Campaign

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