Capitall Exteriors

Publication & Direct Mail Ads

Advertising for Capitall included publication and direct mail advertising targeting rural and suburban Alberta communities.


Paddle River Post Publication Ad

Part of our campaign for Capitall included targeted publication advertising. We placed a half-page ad in the Paddle River Post, based out of Sangudo, Alberta, a smaller community that included families and homeowners in new developments who might need renovation materials. This smaller publication offered good value due to its lower advertising costs and access to an audience outside of Edmonton that didn’t have as many options for window or door suppliers.

Capitall Exteriors Paddle River Post Publication Ad


Direct Mailer

To reach customers on a more personal level, we created a direct mail piece as part of the “Always 50% off” campaign for the Capitall Clearance Centre. The consistent window and red tag imagery tied the mailers in with other campaign materials, while the content featured attractive discounts and incentives. We used humour in all the direct mailers, using typical sales lines such as “receive X% off when you buy X or more” and “pay no GST”. The humor paid off and this direct mail advertising piece went viral and even appeared on the Jay Leno Show.

View the Jay Leno Clip

Capitall Exteriors Direct Mailer

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