Capitall Exteriors

Edmonton’s largest retail window and door clearance center. They specialize in supplying homeowners, commercial builders, contractors and industrial companies with windows, mouldings, exterior doors, siding and renovation materials.


Identity Package

Since consistency is critical for effective branding, we ensured that the new identity package we created for Capitall Exterior Solutions had recognizable imagery, colour and messaging.

Often times, identity packages are extensions of marketing campaigns. With Capitall, we featured the concept of window shopping for windows, a clever play on words and images, as the foundation of the brand identity and subsequent campaigns. This bold look and feel focused primarily on Capitall’s new installation division.

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Large Format

Outdoor & In-Store Advertising

Large-format advertising (such as outdoor ads and in-store marketing pieces) remind customers about messages that you’re promoting through other media, and it works best when it contains one simple, easily-read message. These large ads give great value because they are relatively low-cost and offer a lot of exposure.

Capitall’s ads had consistent imagery to reinforce the campaign advertising and focused on the clearance centre division

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Clearance Centre 50% Off Campaign

For Capitall’s “Always 50% off” campaign, we stayed true to their brand identity by featuring the window shopping for windows imagery. We applied a red tag concept in this campaign to complement the brand identity while signalling to customers that the campaign was focused specifically on a discount they would receive from the clearance centre. We distributed this campaign through a variety of marketing channels, including billboards, window perfs, store banners, direct mailers and publication ads.

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Publication & Direct Mail Ads

We used direct mail advertising to reach prospective Capitall customers on a more personal level. Using the same window shopping and red tag concepts, we leveraged the look and feel of publication ads to create a consistent brand experience while promoting both divisions of the company.

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