Capitall Exteriors

Outdoor & In-Store Advertising

Capitall’s large-format pieces included vehicle wraps, billboards, and indoor signage.

Large Format

Cube Truck Wrap

Our design for Capitall’s cube truck wraps used the same identity as other campaign pieces, with the addition of the clearance centre’s red tag element. The window shopping imagery was consistent with other advertisements in the campaign, and the messaging was clear and simple, with the contact information and logo displayed at the bottom.

Capitall Exteriors Cube Truck Wrap

Large Format

Billboard Advertising

To give Capitall maximum exposure, we created billboards as part of their “Always 50% off” clearance centre campaign. The window shopping image reinforced the brand for viewers, while the simple and direct messaging about the discount echoed the red tag. We used the Capitall Clearance Centre logo to complete the branded look and feel.

Capitall Exteriors Billboard Advertising

Large Format

In-Store Banner

The large in-store signage for the Capitall Clearance Centre reinforced the “Always 50% off” campaign through the font, colour and distinct tag shape. These banners reappeared throughout the store, reinforcing the brand and campaign.

Capitall Exteriors In-Store Banner

Large Format

In-Store Banner Campaign

To complementing the large red tag signs, we created an in-store banner campaign that used a variety of messages that focused on different aspects of Capitall’s superior services, including delivery, warranty, installation and location measurements. All banners were informational and placed throughout the stores. The design mimicked the original “always 50% off” tag, while the alternating red and blue brand colours made the signs stand out.

Capitall Exteriors In-Store Banner Campaign

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