AFD Petroleum

Identity Package

Marketing collateral, presentations, packaging design, and company identity.


Cardlock Brochure

A key part of AFD’s business is their cardlock services, and they needed a brochure to use as a sales tool. Their cardlock brochure opens into a gatefold with crisp, clear brand imagery and introduces the company’s history to the reader, with the interior showing cardlock locations and information about the service.

The brochure reinforces AFD’s brand identity with look and feel, with the style and icons used in the content echoing their website and presentation folder.

AFD Petroleum Cardlock Brochure


Presentation Folder

AFD’s presentation folder works’s also a brochure! The presentation folder’s content discusses the company’s history, services and all of AFD’s diverse divisions (from lubricants to fuels to racing). The brand identity continues here, with vivid imagery and content consistent with their other brand collateral.

We designed this presentation folder as a versatile sales tool. The back folder has space for other brochures to be inserted, (like the cardlock brochure) conveying a clean, unified experience.

AFD Petroleum Presentation Folder


Award Lubricant Packaging

AFD’s Award Lubricant product line needed a face, so PinPoint Marketing designed a look and feel that stood out but still reflected AFD’s overall brand identity.

The Award Lubricants product packaging uses AFD’s primary company colour, yellow, touches of blue and the “swoosh” identity graphic. The image of oil gives the illusion that the bottle is transparent, alluding to the pure quality of AFD’s lubricants.

AFD Petroleum Award Lubricant Packaging


Company T-Shirts

We pinpointed an opportunity to promote three of AFD’s service offerings: t-shirts for company employees. Since AFD’s business is in a male-dominated industry, we used tongue-in-cheek copywriting to infuse humour while promoting on-site equipment, fuel and premium lubricants.

The simple designs feature product line message on the shirt front complemented with the AFD logo, website URL and service descriptions on the back.

AFD Petroleum Company T-Shirts


Company T-Shirt

AFD’s second company t-shirt design delivers the company tagline using eye-catching graphics. The front design acts as an illusion with the tire tracks over top of the tagline. The back design features an outline of an AFD truck and the website URL.

AFD Petroleum Company T-Shirt

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