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Fury Fuel Campaign

Fury Fuel Campaign: Handouts, t-shirts, billboards, and publication ads.


Fury Fuel Red Wolf Handout

To help promote AFD’s racing fuel division, Fury Fuel, we started a marketing campaign to reach potential customers at Fury Fuel Racing events, such as Western Speedway.

This event handout, which featured images from a PinPoint Marketing photoshoot, promoted Fury Fuel’s “red wolf” rally car and listed details about the car and its crew. This marketing piece attracted attention from event attendees and encouraged brand recognition of Fury Fuel, which has a distinct look and feel from the rest of AFD’s divisions.

AFD Petroleum Fury Fuel Red Wolf Handout


Fury Fuel T-Shirt

We created Fury Racing Fuel t-shirts for staff to wear and event attendees to buy. The shirt design was simple and used red and black imagery to convey the Fury Fuel brand attributes (masculine, mysterious, sexy) -- designed to appeal to the primary audience of racing events. The “red wolf” car is represented on the shirt front with a grid texture reminiscent of a car grill. A fire graphic applied to the front and back logos reinforce the speed of the vehicle and echo the look and feel of the graphics on the red wolf car.

AFD Petroleum Fury Fuel T-Shirt


Western Speedway Billboard

To get AFD broad exposure with racing audiences, we placed a billboard that promoted their involvement as the supplier of racing fuel for a number of different events, including Western Speedway. The billboard focused on AFD as a whole (instead of their Fury Fuel division) to keep the design simple and appropriate for a large-format piece. The AFD logo and brand identity was front and centre, and the message simple and direct.

AFD Petroleum Western Speedway Billboard


Western Speedway Publication Ad

We followed the Western Speedway billboard with an advertisement in select racing magazines. The ad was an excellent strategic fit within this campaign because it reached a more-specific target audience -- the race car lover -- while the billboard reached a broader audience.

The magazine ad followed the same design as the billboard, with the AFD branding and simple, direct messaging. This time, we branded the ad with both AFD and Fury Fuel to capitalize on brand recognition, since many readers would already be aware of the Fury Fuel brand.

AFD Petroleum Western Speedway Publication Ad

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