AFD Petroleum

Direct Mail Advertising

Cardlock and home heating campaigns, as well as handouts and posters for AFD Racing Fuel events.


Cardlock Direct Mailer

To promote AFD’s convenient cardlock services, we sent this direct mail piece to residential neighbourhoods near the cardlock locations. On the back, the mailer also offered information on AFD’s home heating services, a service targeted to the same audience (busy families). The mailer reflects AFD’s brand identity through use of colour, icons and imagery. The home heating section stands out from the cardlock blue and yellow while still presenting the audience with a cohesive, branded look.

AFD Petroleum Cardlock Direct Mailer


Home Heating Direct Mailer

AFD needed maximum exposure in British Columbia for their home heating services, so we launched a two-part direct mail campaign. Keeping with the bright, clean look of AFD’s other marketing pieces, we designed a postcard and door hanger with an attractive discount as the call to action. The postcard was delivered to heavily-populated areas in B.C., while the door hanger was targeted to smaller cities and customers near AFD locations and cardlocks.

The consistent look and feel of these direct mail pieces encouraged brand recognition, and the unique shape of the door hanger ensured it grabbed the audience’s attention.

AFD Petroleum Home Heating Direct Mailer


Fury Fuel Handout

AFD’s racing fuel division, Fury Fuel, sponsors racing events in Western Canada, including Western Speedway. We designed an event handout to promote Fury Fuel’s “red wolf” rally car. The piece featured imagery from a PinPoint Marketing photoshoot and details about the car to help it attract attention from event attendees and encourage brand recognition of Fury Fuel, which has a distinct look and feel.

AFD Petroleum Fury Fuel Handout


Gravity Cup Poster

To attract attendees to the AFD-sponsored Gravity Cup downhill mountain bike racing event, we developed the Gravity Cup campaign brand and applied it to posters, web advertising and t-shirts. The Gravity Cup poster, the main source of advertising for the event, was placed in retail and office locations of sponsors.

The ink-splatter design on these materials communicated AFD’s brand identity while reminding audiences of the fun, and possibly messy, event atmosphere.

AFD Petroleum Gravity Cup Poster

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