AFD Petroleum

Award Lubricants Campaign

Award Lubricant Campaign: Packaging Design for lubricant bottles, Billboard Advertising, Point of Sale Advertising.


1L Bottle Label Design

AFD’s new product line, Award Lubricants, needed a packaging design. We created a look and feel that was consistent with AFD’s overall brand identity. The AFD yellow and blue are highlighted on the packaging, along with the “swoosh” graphic. The image of oil gives the illusion that the bottle is transparent, hinting at the pure quality of AFD’s lubricants.

Each bottle label features icons at the bottom right to show the type of lubricant -- transmission oil, engine oil, etc. The product title and quantity appear in the blue bar, making the information stand out on the label, and detailed product information is on the back label, which has a mirror image of the design.

AFD Petroleum 1L Bottle Label Design


4L Bottle Label Design

When AFD expanded their product line from one litre bottles into a variety of sizes, we provided them with consistent packaging across the product line, including box and bottle labels. Designs included packaging for four litre, 946 millilitre (for the United States), and 22, 22.7, 205 and 1,000 litre bottles.

The product line eventually covered more than 22 different lubricant products in a variety of sizes, all with consistent packing that reflected the AFD brand identity.

AFD Petroleum 4L Bottle Label Design


Kelowna Billboard

Once AFD’s new product lines were released and we had designed the packaging, we started on an advertising campaign to promote the release of the new Award Lubricants.

Billboards were an attractive medium because they offered maximum exposure for AFD for relatively low cost. Since many of AFD’s offices and cardlocks are located in Kelowna, B.C., we chose billboards nearby to target potential customers who were already familiar with AFD. We ensured their billboard was simple, using no more than a few words to convey their messaging.

AFD Petroleum Kelowna Billboard

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