Abode Roofing & Siding

Identity Package

Identity launch campaign including business card, brochure and presentation folder.


Business Card

The Abode Roofing & Siding identity package began with their new business cards. Using a fun concept, we illustrated the extremes of the roofing market. The business card is designed as a vertical format to show the depth of the key image in Abode’s brand. The image of a young couple in a dilapidated house calls to mind the extremes of exterior renovation, and the bright colours in the image make the piece feel fresh.

Abode Roofing & Siding Business Card


Brochure Design

The front of the brochure reinforces the brand by using the same image as the business card. Once opened, the brochure illustrates the breadth of Abode’s services. The brochure shows a higher-end home (an intentional contrast with the cover image) and how Abode can improve the exterior of your house.

Abode Roofing & Siding Brochure Design


Presentation Folder

We took Abode’s brand through the roof by creating a presentation folder to match their business cards and brochure. The folder uses the same eye-catching image as the other pieces, remaining faithful to their brand identity. Abode staff use the presentation folder when providing quotes for customers, leaving them with a lasting, cohesive impression.

Abode Roofing & Siding Presentation Folder

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