Store Signage & Outdoor Media

Large format store signage and advertising for Soak.

Large Format Signage

Saskatoon Store Building Signage

The signage we designed for the side of Soak’s Saskatoon location showcased two of the main products offered at the store. The large logo and imagery was designed to be seen from afar, since the store faced a busy road. We also ensured that the Soak logo had lighting around it so that the signage was visible around the clock.

Soak Saskatoon Store Building Signage

Large Format Signage

West-End Store Front

We wrapped Soak’s Edmonton West End store front in window film that shows imagery of the two main products offered in the store. The imagery was vivid and consistent with other branded images and location signage. The window film gave the illusion that customers could see into the store, even from far away, while the large images were consistent with the sizes of the actual products.

Soak West-End Store Front

Large Format Advertising

In-store Wallpaper

For instant impact, we designed a large-format wallpaper piece that covered the 20-inch curved wall at the stores’ entrances. The larger-than-life image gives the illusion that the products in the display are within the water. “Just add water” is the main Soak tagline, making this piece consistent with other Soak branding and highlighting the water as the main element

Soak In-store Wallpaper

Large Format Advertising

Truck Wrap

Our design for Soak’s product delivery truck wraps used free space and moving advertising to spread the brandacross the city. The ad was consistent with ones we placed in magazines, showcasing only images of the products with a clean, minimalist feel.

Soak Truck Wrap

Large Format Advertising

Video Board

For maximum exposure, we created a video billboard for Soak as part of their “relax, it’s on sale” campaign. The branding was campaign-specific and different than the main company branding. The videoboard was presented in a series of similar ads, each showing a different Soak product. The messaging was simple and clear, with the word “relax” highlighted, along with the sale price, so that viewers could easily absorb the information.

Soak Video Board

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