Publication & Direct Mail Advertising

To help Soak attract new customers, we placed ads in specific magazines that were targeted to high-end, luxury lifestyle consumers or businesses.


Avenue Magazine Ad

We placed a quarter-page ad in Avenue Magazine, an Edmonton publication that attracts businesses and middle-to-upper-income consumers, a target market that can afford Soak’s products. Because this publication is Alberta-based, readers were familiar with the company, reinforcing brand recognition.

This ad promoted the blue series steam shower with a simple, direct, image-based message that contained only contact information including two store locations and the website URL.

Soak Avenue Magazine Ad


Best Home Ad

Soak’s advertising campaign also included an ad in Best Home Magazine, a Calgary-based magazine that covers western Canada. Best Home features high-end home furnishings and design, making its readers an attractive target audience for Soak products.

The design of this ad was similar to the previous ad, but promoted four products. As with the Avenue Magazine ad, it was simple, direct and image-based, with Edmonton location information and Soak’s URL as the call to action.

Soak Best Home Ad


Alberta Home Ad

Our half-page ad in Alberta Home Magazine was more of a teaser ad, encouraging readers to “enter online to win”. The publication features location homes, furnishings and design, making it a good fit with Soak’s target audience. This magazine is also Alberta-based, so viewers are familiar with the company.

The sleeker, more minimalist ad shows four products, but unlike previous ads, doesn’t identify them, encouraging readers to search for them on the website as part of the call to action.

Soak Alberta Home Ad


Luxury Las Vegas Ad

Soak has one store in Las Vegas, Nevada, so we created a full-page ad for Luxury Las Vegas Magazine, which features high-end, luxury items available there. Readers in Las Vegas might not be as familiar with Soak, so we ran a full-page ad to attract attention.

Like the Alberta Home Magazine ad, the design is sleek and minimalistic, showing four unlabelled products. The contact information for the store is at the bottom, as well as the local URL.

Soak Luxury Las Vegas Ad


Door Hanger

We chose a door hanger as a way to promote the Calgary store to specific local targets. We distributed this direct mail piece to select neighbourhoods (middle-to-high income, as well as those close by the Soak store). We used the same consistent branding as other ads and marketing material to reinforce brand recognition.

This ad features steam showers as the main product and three other featured products. Like other ads, this direct mail piece is heavily image-based, with only contact information.

Soak Door Hanger

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