Stene Bros

Marketing Collateral

Sales tools used by the company to sell their different services: brochure and presentation folder.


Corporate Brochure

We designed the front of this two-page brochure to catch the eye by superimposing a line drawing of Canada, Stene Bros’ main service area, over top of a black cover page. The brochure’s interior has a similar line drawing, giving consistency to the design and drawing the reader’s eye through the content. Our clean design provided visual interest by incorporating the Stene Bros’ yellow while showcasing their two main transportation services.

Stene Bros Corporate Brochure


Presentation Folder

We designed Stene Bros’ presentation folder to complement their brochure with its consistent look and feel. The tri-fold folder has contact information and an “about the company” section on it. When the black brochure is placed inside the folder, the folder’s interior grey colour provides contrast and visual interest. The line drawing of Canada reappears in the interior of the folder. Stene Bros staff use the presentation folder to hold technical product sheets and other sales collateral, leaving customers with a lasting, cohesive impression of the brand.

Stene Bros Presentation Folder

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