Homes by Element

Publication Advertising

To advertise Homes by Element, we stuck to high-quality, industry-specific publications that were known for their middle-upper income demographic.


Best Home

Best Home Magazine showcases high-end homes and decor, which made this publication a great fit for advertising Homes by Element. We created a full-page, branded ad focusing on the local history of the company and what services they offered. To remain consistent with their brand style, we used large imagery to show off the high-quality details in their home designs.

Since this ad was created before the name change, it was branded as Element Construction and focused on home creation and reinvention, the renovation arm of their company.

Homes by Element Best Home


Avenue Magazine

Avenue Magazine is an Edmonton-based magazine targeting middle-to-high-income professionals, the primary target audience for Element’s custom homes. Avenue Magazine is also a big supporter of the arts and design community, which was an excellent fit with Element’s custom-designed homes.

This branded advertisement focused on the local history of the company and what they offered. The ad was placed when the company had rebranded to Homes by Element and their focus switched to custom homes only, communicated by their “uniquely yours” tagline.

This ad also illustrates Element’s new, custom home aesthetic by using imagery of warm modern showhomes.

Homes by Element Avenue Magazine

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