Feature Wall

Responsive Product Website

The Feature Wall website was designed as a sales tool to market the product and the different uses for the product.

Responsive Website

Home Page

We created Feature Wall’s website with the user in mind. The website has responsive design, with Feature Wall’s homepage offering a quick explanation of the product. Different patterns and designs are easily accessible from quick links, encouraging exploration. Website visitors can also view a gallery of product options in a clean grid.

The website’s main image projects the core values of Feature Wall’s brand and products: sophisticated and modern. We picked up the teal colour from the photo and used it in the website links and copy as flashes of colour, creating visual interest.

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Responsive Website

Product Pages

In addition to serving as a resource for customers needing product installation instructions, the website also acted as a business tool for Feature Wall staff. The gallery of different patterns and swatches became a portfolio, giving Future Wall staff an easy way to showcase products to home renovation retailers interested in carrying Feature Wall items in stores.

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