Christenson Developments

More Time, More Choice, More Freedom

Rebranding campaign with various touch points. It’s not about the property you buy/rent, but the lifestyle you live.


Presentation Folder

To follow best practice, we began Christenson’s rebrand with their identity packaging. The new presentation folder holds all the sales collateral for each particular development. The front of the folder shows their “More” tagline (“More time, more choice, more freedom”), depicting customers’ various lifestyles and their attractive perks, such as having more leisure time, more money to travel or money for other purchases.

Christenson Developments Presentation Folder


Condo Guide Publication Ad

After we solidified the new “More” branding, the next step was to advertise the campaign in a variety of publications. We chose the Condo Guide because its circulation includes many potential condo owners, and Christenson’s condos are listed in the publication. The ad uses the “More time, more choice, more freedom” tagline and the primary campaign imagery, leaving a consistent impression. Showcasing two upcoming developments and their features, it also contains a map of different Christenson properties in an easy-to-read, colour-coded format.

Christenson Developments Condo Guide Publication Ad


Metro News Ad

To promote the Eton Park Villas, we created a half-page newspaper ad in Metro, a local newspaper. Its primary focus was the property, rather than the lifestyle, but we maintained consistency and the “More” rebranding by using the tagline and same type treatment. This allowed us the flexibility to meet Christenson’s needs while still creating a recognizable campaign piece.

Christenson Developments Metro News Ad


Playbill Ad

Playbill is a small, free publication obtained at arts and theatre events. We placed an ad for Christenson Developments in this publication to generate brand awareness and recognition while targeting the arts and theatre crowd, who would be attracted to the “More” tagline and its message that buying a Christenson home will give them more time and freedom to attend similar events in the future.

Christenson Developments Playbill Ad



Large-format ads give great value because they are relatively low-cost and offer a lot of brand exposure. We created Christenson’s eye-catching billboard using the same consistent tagline and imagery from the “More” campaign. By emphasizing “more choice,” we sent the message that Christenson customers have more opportunity to spend their money on travel instead of housing costs.

Christenson Developments Billboard



We chose a video billboard as part of Christenson’s “More” campaign because it has all the advantages of maximum exposure but no printing costs. This videoboard rotated with other ads to promote the “More” campaign as well as specific properties. We maximized brand exposure by using a consistent tagline and imagery. The focus on “more freedom” with the couple in the car suggests to potential customers that they could have more money to spend on luxury items, like a sports car, if they purchase a Christenson property.

Christenson Developments Videoboard



Superboards are the large billboards you see by the sides of highways or freeways. We chose superboards for Christenson’s “More” campaign for maximum exposure and to target drivers on their way to out-of-town golf courses.

Using consistent imagery and the “More” tagline, we focused on the “more time” part of the lifestyle campaign. The golf image shows the audience that they could have more time to do what they love, like playing golf.

Christenson Developments Superboard


Bus Board

To target potential customers commuting in their vehicles, we created an ad for Christenson’s parent company and had it installed on backs of buses in Edmonton. This gave maximum exposure to the brand while reinforcing the consistent “More” campaign tagline and imagery.

Christenson Developments Bus Board


Transit Poster

Complementing other campaign ads, we ran transit posters in various locations to target potential customers taking public transportation. This ad reached a larger population of people who might not be able to afford to drive to work and used the “More” tagline to emphasize the attractive lifestyle that Christenson homes could offer.

Christenson Developments Transit Poster


Window Perf

All the touch points in Christenson’s “More” campaign (including publication ads, billboards, transportation ads and mailers) led potential customers to sales centres, so we ensured that the consistent brand impression was reinforced in the centres’ window films. The window film also had other advantages: it was eye-catching due to its large format and made use of free space.

Christenson Developments Window Perf


Presentation Booth

We took the opportunity to create additional brand exposure and recognition by redesigning Christenson’s presentation booth, which they used at info seminars. The booth reflects their “More” campaign and added the “build lasting relationships” tagline, which focused on a different aspect of “more time, more choice, more freedom” -- the chance to have more time to build relationships and be part of a community of people. This message was directed mostly toward older customers, including empty-nesters who are shifting from family life into retirement.

Christenson Developments Presentation Booth

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