Christenson Developments

Christenson Group of Companies is the umbrella company for Christenson Developments, Communities and Equities. They are an award-winning home and condo builder and developer of luxury retirement communities.

Logo Design

Christenson Brand & History

Logos can change over time, but brand equity remains, even through updates and improvements. It’s crucial for well-established companies to update logos and other brand elements to stay relevant to their industries -- and new generations of customers.

Christenson’s logo has evolved, becoming simpler and reflecting different divisions of the company, but its impact remains.

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Christenson Developments & Communities Identity

A brand isn’t a colour or a font, it’s how your customers describe you and how you can shape their opinions. Your brand identity must be consistent, persuasive and memorable, since it shapes your reputation.

Since consistency is key to brand retention, when PinPoint Marketing put together Christenson’s identity package, we made sure their primary look and feel was woven throughout all their collateral pieces. We used branding to differentiate the Christenson parent company from its divisions while using consistent fonts, colours and imagery style.

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Large Format

Outdoor & Free Space Advertising

Outdoor marketing reminds consumers about messages that you’re promoting through other media, and it works best when it contains one simple, easily-read message. Large-format ads (such as billboards, vehicle wraps and presentation booths) give great value because they are relatively low-cost and offer a lot of exposure.

Christenson’s large-format advertising informed customers about new communities and reinforced brand recognition through consistent imagery and messaging.

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Enter To Win

We helped Christenson promote home sales by creating their “enter to win” campaign. Customers who purchased select homes or condos in Christenson developments could enter to win a trip for two.

We used a fun postcard theme for this incentive-based marketing campaign to spark customers’ imaginations -- they could picture themselves on a vacation made possible by purchasing a home with Christenson.

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More Time, More Choice, More Freedom

We created the “More” campaign to rebrand Christenson and show customers the lifestyle they could obtain with more time, more choice and more freedom. The campaign depicts three different lifestyles (adult, retirement and rental) and shifts the focus away from the property and onto the persuasive “what’s in it for me”? elements, like more time to travel, more living choices, more financial freedom to buy that new car.

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