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Christenson Brand & History

Christenson’s logo has changed over time to reflect its ongoing growth. The current logo is simpler, easier to use and incorporates its different divisions.

Logo Design

Christenson Group

When PinPoint first started working with Christenson, their logo was already established. We modified it over the years as the company grew.

The primary horizontal logo, finalized in 2008, encompasses all divisions of the Christenson Group. The same design applied to the different sectors, with “group” being replaced by “Developments”, “Communities”, “Property Management”,“Group of Companies” and “Equities”.

Christenson Developments Christenson Group

Logo Design

Circular Logo

Christenson’s circular logo is primarily used for all branding and marketing pieces. The circular design keeps the logo contained to a small area, making it easier to apply across different formats.

Christenson Developments Circular Logo

Logo Design

Logo Variations

Divisions within Christenson have logos with the same circular design, keeping the overall brand identity consistent for customers. The size of the typeface changes to accommodate the number of letters.

Christenson Developments Logo Variations

Logo Design

Logo History

The Christenson logo’s original look was in place prior to 2003. In 2005, we redesigned the logo by flattening it, removing the drop shadows and changing the blue to black. This made the logo easier to apply across a multitude of formats. Other changes we made in 2005 included highlighting “Christensen” and reducing the size of the division name in the horizontal version, ensuring the focus was on the parent company.

In 2008, we increased depth in the shadows of the logo by adding more white to the gradients and adjusted the letter spacing in the circular logo. Both of these improvements created a cleaner look.

Christenson Developments Logo History

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