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Outdoor & Free Space Advertising

We used large-format advertising to inform customers about new Christenson communities. Our use of consistent imagery and messaging reinforced brand recognition and retention.

Large Format

Bus Wrap

Christenson provides bus transportation for clients in their retirement communities. To encourage brand recognition and retention, we created a bus wrap, a large-format advertising format that is versatile and eye-catching. The wrap differentiated the bus from other public transportation and used the Christenson Communities yellow brand colour.

Christenson Developments Bus Wrap

Large Format

More Choice Billboard

One tool we used as part of Christenson’s “More” campaign was a billboard, since it was a high-profile, low-cost way to attract attention. We used the “More Freedom, More Time, More Choice” tagline to promote the lifestyle that Christenson’s clients enjoy, rather than focusing on the property itself.

Christenson Developments More Choice Billboard

Large Format

Presentation Booth

We designed Christenson’s new presentation booth to reflect their new “More” brand launch. The booth contains simple, direct messaging that focuses on the lifestyle that clients enjoy, rather than promoting the home as the product.

Christenson Developments Presentation Booth

Large Format

Window Perf

A “perf” (short for perforation) is a type of window film that can be used on storefronts, sales centres and other locations with windows to leverage the large amount of free space into large-format advertising. Window perfs allow you to see out from the inside, like a one-way mirror, while cutting down on the amount of light that comes in. Their large size also creates a perfect opportunity to create branded, eye-catching imagery and messaging.

To complete the look at Christenson’s sales centres at existing developments, we created a window perf that reinforced brand recognition and the “More” tagline (“More Time, More Choice, More Freedom”) for their new brand launch.

Christenson Developments Window Perf

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