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Clearance Centre 50% Off Campaign

To encourage customers to visit the Capitall Clearance Centre, we created a campaign that focused on the “always 50% off” discount that the store offered. We reinforced the window shopping brand image while featuring the distinctive red tag of the clearanc



Billboards are an attractive advertising medium because they offer maximum exposure to audiences for relatively low cost. To ensure the Capital Clearance Centre billboard was effective, we kept the messaging simple, with just the “always 50% off” tagline and red tag, the clearance centre logo and contact information. The eye-catching window shopping image promoted brand recognition while giving the large-format ad maximum visual impact.

Capitall Exteriors Billboard


Window Display

Taking advantage of the large, free space at the Capitall Clearance Centre, we designed a large-format sign for the exterior of the store that used the window shopping branded image and red tag to reinforce the ongoing marketing campaign. The image gave the illusion of depth, making it appear that the windows were actually on display.

Capitall Exteriors Window Display


In-Store Banners

The large in-store banners at the Capitall Clearance Centre reinforced the “Always 50% off” campaign through the font, colour and distinct tag shape. These banners reappeared throughout the store, reinforcing the brand and campaign, and focused on different services that Capitall offered, including delivery, warranty, installation and location measurements.

Capitall Exteriors In-Store Banners


Direct Mailer

We launched a branded direct mailer for Capitall Exterior Solutions to reach customers on a more personal level. The consistent window and red tag imagery tied the mailers in with the rest of the campaign, while the content featured a variety of discounts and incentives. We used humour in all the direct mailers, using typical sales lines such as “receive X% off when you buy X or more” and “pay no GST”. The humor in the mailers was so popular that the direct mail piece went viral and appeared on the Jay Leno Show.

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Capitall Exteriors Direct Mailer


Paddle River Post Publication Ad

We placed a half-page ad in the Paddle River Post, based out of Sangudo, Alberta, targeting families and homeowners in new developments and those who might need renovation materials. This targeted approach in a smaller publication meant a lower price range for the advertising and an audience more interested in the clearance centre’s deals. It attracted a community outside of Edmonton that didn’t have as many options for window or door suppliers.

Capitall Exteriors Paddle River Post Publication Ad


Country City Guide Publication Ad

Capitall’s Country City Guide publication ad reached a larger number of customers than the Paddle River Post, but was still a highly-targeted audience. A small-format pocket guide that caters to rural households in central and northern Alberta, the publication is a valuable awareness tool targeting those who live outside of Alberta’s capital city, since buyers use it to plan what stores to go to when making regular trips into Edmonton.

The ad used the same imagery as other campaign pieces, but featured a classier, modern feeling with grey background and white typography to appeal to middle-to-high income households. The ad offered a similar discount incentive to other ads for consistency.

Capitall Exteriors Country City Guide Publication Ad

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