Capitall Exteriors

Identity Package

Capitall’s identity package consisted of a business card, flyer/insert, presentation folder and t-shirt design.


Business Card

We designed Capitall’s business cards using the window shopping concept for consistency. The front of the card contained Capitall’s logo and contact information over a geometric graphic that subtly reminded the audience of windows, while the back of the card was an extension of the Capitall brand identity and the “Always 50% off” clearance campaign, as this card was tailored for staff who worked at the clearance centre.

Capitall Exteriors Business Card


Insert Flyer

We designed this piece as a one-page brochure, showcasing the company’s services and expertise. Its flexible format meant it could be used as a flyer or a brochure insert and was used as part of a sales package given to prospective customers.

Focusing on the new installation division of Capitall, the flyer used the window shopping concept while prominently featuring the Capitall Exterior Solutions installer logo.

Capitall Exteriors Insert Flyer


Presentation Folder

Capitall’s presentation folder was created to complete the customer sales packages. The folder focused on the new installation division, using the window shopping brand image while showcasing the installer logo. The graphic showing the different tools of an installer reinforced the variety of skills needed and the installers’ wide expertise “ask me anything”.

Capitall Exteriors Presentation Folder


T-Shirt Design

We designed t-shirts for installers to wear as part of an in-store campaign promoting Capitall’s new installation division. The shirt’s simple design and messaging made them easy to read and encouraged customers to ask questions.

The t-shirts complemented other aspects of the campaign, which included the flyer and presentation folder.

Capitall Exteriors T-Shirt Design

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