Stellar Homes

Show Home Sales Center

Show home sales center consisting of window perf, branded plexi displays and branded decor.

Sales Center

Window Perf

We designed the window film for Stellar Homes’ sales centre to reinforce their commitment to high-quality design. The look and feel is consistent with other branded material, including the prominent SH word mark and eye-catching imagery.

Stellar Homes Window Perf

Sales Center

Floor Plan

The sales centre needed to have an inviting, friendly atmosphere and a floor plan that maximized the wall space and encouraged flow of traffic. Design touches included branded decor (such as the carpet), reinforcing the impression of customization and high-end finishes.

Stellar Homes Floor Plan

Sales Center

Plexi Displays

We created branded plexi displays to hang on the walls that displayed the attractive custom homes in a clean, easily-read format. Each plexi display reinforced the brand identity by using consistent imagery, logo and type treatments.

Stellar Homes Plexi Displays

Sales Center

Plexi Display Imagery

We used large, vivid imagery in the plexi displays to showcase the Stellar Homes custom homes to potential customers. The photos were consistent with images used in the brand book and other material, while the brand elements in the displays created a unified experience, leaving visitors with a cohesive, high-end impression after visiting the sales centre.

Stellar Homes Plexi Display Imagery

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