Stellar Homes

Identity Package

The Stellar Homes identity package included a business card, brochure and brand book.


Business Card

To convey a feeling of modern luxury, we kept Stellar Homes’ business cards minimal and clean, with the logo and word mark on the front of the card, along with the website URL. Personal contact information was presented on the back of the card. The SH word mark on the back of the card added an additional design element that reinforced the high-end, exclusive brand impression.

Stellar Homes Business Card



Keeping with the minimalist, high-end brand impression left by other identity pieces, we crested the four-page Stellar Homes brochure using the black and grey brand colours and the SH word mark. Attractive, large photos with minimal copy made the brochure a largely-visual piece, drawing readers in. The Stellar Homes tagline on the front page (“dedicated to building homes of excellence”) immediately reinforced the Stellar Homes brand promise. The back of the brochure mirrored the front, with the additional contact information as the call to action.

Stellar Homes Brochure


Brand Book

The Stellar Homes brand book complemented the brochure, using the same design but featuring more in-depth information. The front and back cover designs were consistent, encouraging brand recognition, while the interior of the brand book also had large, eye-catching images of custom homes. Snippets of information (such as the company mission, testimonials and staff biographies) created a more personal feeling, while the special “building evolution” showcased the different steps to building a custom home, offering customers more insight into the process.

Stellar Homes Brand Book

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