Abode Roofing & Siding

Direct Mail Advertising

Advertising campaign to launch the client’s brand through direct mail and door hangers.


Branded Direct Mailer

Keeping with the clean, consistent look of Abode’s other identity pieces, we launched a branded direct mail piece with an attractive $1,000 discount as the call to action. We strategically targeted neighbourhoods where the homes were old enough to require new shingles.

Services Abode could provide were outlined with crisp images. This direct mail piece dramatically exceeded expectations, and the campaign was so successful that it had to be stopped after three mail drops due to overwhelming demand.

Abode Roofing & Siding Branded Direct Mailer


Door Hanger

Homes in the immediate vicinity of an Abode project received a door hanger encouraging neighbours to stop by and see Abode’s quality work for themselves. The consistent look and feel reinforced the impression left by the direct mail piece, and using a door hanger instead of a mailer ensured it stood out from the crowd.

Abode Roofing & Siding Door Hanger


Snow Removal Direct Mailer

One of the challenges of a renovation business is the slower winter period. Abode branched out into new winter services, including snow removal, and we created a specific direct mail piece to let everyone know the news.

The mailer included Abode’s brand colours with a casual, vintage feel. The mailer’s copy featured a pun “...relax in the warmth of your abode”, encouraging brand recognition.

Abode Roofing & Siding Snow Removal Direct Mailer

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