Parkwood Master Builder

Outdoor Signage

Videoboard advertising for Parkwood Master Builder.

Large Format

Video Board 1

We developed outdoor video billboards to attract the interest of potential customers who were interested in a builder with a customer-service focus, such as Parkwood. The “more than” tagline continued to be a key element of the campaign. To keep the focus on the vivid imagery and follow best practices for large-format signage, we kept the call to action simple and included a the company’s website URL and logo.

Parkwood Master Builder Video Board 1

Large Format

Video Board 2

We created a second “More Than” campaign videoboard to draw the attention of passers-by. Consistent in look and feel with the other campaign ads, they were colourful, eye-catching and got the message across quickly while remaining consistent to Parkwood’s brand.

Parkwood Master Builder Video Board 2

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