Absolute Hardwood

A boutique flooring company focused on customer service, quality products and professional installations.


Product Handout

Advertising comes in many formats, and product handouts are an effective way of providing customers with a quick overview of what your company offers. Maintaining a consistent look and feel is key to brand retention and encouraging sales, which is why we used a distinctive, cohesive design for Absolute Hardwood’s product handouts.

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Website & Online Advertising

Responsive Website

Absolute Hardwood needed a website they could use as a product showcase that displayed hundreds of products in a user-friendly design. We created a dynamic, responsive website that matched beautifully with their existing brand.

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Large Format

Outdoor Marketing

Large format advertising, such as outdoor ads, give great value because they are relatively low-cost and offer a lot of exposure. The large images help expand the visibility of a brand by grabbing consumers’ attention, while the simple messaging is easy to understand and retain.

Our large format pieces for Absolute Hardwood took advantage of free space on their vehicles and store exteriors to reinforce their brand.

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