Lexus of Edmonton

Direct Mail & Publication Advertising

Our advertising campaign consisted of direct mail, postcards and publication advertising.


Direct Mail

The Lexus of Edmonton direct mailer was a one-fold invitation that was mailed to a targeted list of potential and previous clients. The eye-catching front image showcased the RX 330, while the Lexus logo and tagline at the bottom reinforced the brand.

Lexus of Edmonton Direct Mail



We designed a postcard to invite potential customers to the grand opening of Lexus of Edmonton’s new location. We tied the new address into the image and copy, using a garage image and a play on the “perfection” tagline.

Lexus of Edmonton Postcard


GS Publication Ad

Lexus of Edmonton wanted to promote their GS series of cars, so we created publication ads that matched other campaign pieces (such as the billboards and other publication ads). The clean lines and focus on the Lexus brand reinforced brand awareness, while the minimal copy allowed viewers to focus on the vivid car imagery.

Lexus of Edmonton GS Publication Ad


GS Intro Publication Ad

To introduce customers to the new GS models, we leveraged the recognition from other campaign pieces and kept the same look and feel while focusing on the improved benefits of the new vehicles. The clean, modern feeling and brand identity elements appeared throughout.

Lexus of Edmonton GS Intro Publication Ad

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