Kingsway Toyota

Identity Package

We designed an identity package with a business card, letterhead, a mini presentation folder and a large presentation folder to meet all of Kingsway Toyota’s needs.


Business Card

Kingsway Toyota’s business cards had a simple, clean design to reflect their brand identity and reinforce their connection to Toyota. We used their primary brand colour, red, to highlight the call to action at the bottom, while the hierarchy of information allowed readers to quickly scan the information.

Kingsway Toyota Business Card



We kept Kingsway Toyota’s letterhead consistent with their brand identity by using the logo as the focus at the top of the page. The ample white space made the letterhead practical, while the contact information was subtle but accessible at the top right corner. The splash of red at the bottom highlighted the call to action and drew the attention of the reader through the document.

Kingsway Toyota Letterhead


Mini Presentation Folder

We created a mini presentation folder format for Kingsway Toyota to meet their need for a smaller format that could easily hold new lease paperwork. Its consistent design echoed the other identity pieces, giving customers a consistent, professional impression of the dealership. The mini folder includes a red interior sleeve that we created to visually highlight important content that the dealership needed to communicate to customers.

Kingsway Toyota Mini Presentation Folder


Large Presentation Folder

The large presentation folder has the same look and feel as other identity pieces, featuring the Toyota logo as a design element and highlighting the red and grey brand colours. The three panel design made it easy for Kingsway Toyota staff to include sales and marketing pieces of varying sizes and give one unified package to customers.

Kingsway Toyota Large Presentation Folder

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