Homes by Element

Identity Package

Identity Package: Business Card, Letterhead, Brochures, Presentation Folder and Promotional Items.


Business Card

Carrying through the extreme attention to design detail from Homes by Element’s projects and their logo, we made sure their business card was high-quality. The design was simple and clean, with the front containing the logo and URL. The back had contact information.

The production of this business card was costly and intricate, but it was essential to maintain the brand’s promise of high-end, quality finish. The business card contained two extremely-thick stocks of smooth, matte paper, sandwiched over several sheets of blue paper, then cropped to create a seamless rectangle. The result was a blue line surrounding the edges of the business card, incorporating their indigo brand colour and adding a final, memorable touch to the design.

Homes by Element Business Card


Plastic Business Cards

We also created plastic business cards for Homes by Element’s non-executive team members. These plastic cards still stood out from the crowd with their unusual medium but were more cost-effective. Using the same design as the previous business card, the plastic card featured rounded edges and small, high-quality finishing details.

Homes by Element Plastic Business Cards



Homes by Element needed their letterhead to be simple, clean and modern. We maximized space on their letterhead by using only the logo and contact information to create a consistent brand experience.

Homes by Element Letterhead


Show Home Brochure

The show home brochure was an essential piece to showcase the quality and finish of Homes by Element’s projects, and we ensured the brochure met their needs by focusing on the production and the details.

Each interior spread of this eight-page brochure showcased a different level of the home (the main, upper and lower floors). Each spread displayed the level’s floor plan and discussed different features in the home. We created different icons to represent features (such as hangars to represent closets). For design consistency, the same icons would also appear on plexi displays within the show home.

The front and back of the brochure contained details about the company, and each brochure was encased in a trifold, brown folder. We used a matte, textured stock for the folder and had it embossed with the Homes by Element logo for a final design touch.

Homes by Element Show Home Brochure


Commercial Brochure

We designed a larger brochure that served as a flyer and small representation of Homes by Element’s extensive portfolio. The piece featured pictures of different homes and projects and contained sparse copy, only company information and contact information. This allowed the persuasive imagery to be the centre of attention.

Homes by Element Commercial Brochure


Presentation Folder

Our presentation folder was designed to hold all show home information that customers received, as well as the commercial brochure and business cards. To keep the look and feel of this piece consistent with the other high-quality, branded items, the folder was made from a thick, glossy stock. The Homes by Element logo was spot varnished on the cover and interior of the folder, giving a lasting brand impression.

Homes by Element Presentation Folder


USB Flash Drive

Homes by Element needed flash drives to use as promotional items and as tools to hold information about custom projects that staff could share back and forth with customers. We used a simple, clean design for this small piece, featuring just the logo and a distinctive rounded edge that echoed other marketing pieces, such as the plastic business cards.

Homes by Element USB Flash Drive

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