Homes by Element

Company Logo & History

There is a certain feel to each project that is simply have to be in it to feel it. Element’s logo echoes the design style of their homes.

Logo Design

Company Logo

Homes by Element are intimately involved with their customers’ projects -- they go to extreme detail with the design and finish quality. Their designs often involve wood texture and geometric elements as part of their warm modern designs. When designing their logo, we were inspired by their designs and incorporated the wood texture and square shapes.

The logo colours are sophisticated and appeal to older audiences without using an overwhelming amount of dark colour. The bright indigo gives a fresh, airy feel. We carried this emphasis on modern, clean design through to the logo’s typography, which looks clean and spacious achieved through increased letter tracking.

Homes by Element Company Logo

Logo Design

Logo History

Homes by Element began branding themselves as a construction company when they were also known for home renovations. Over time, they focused more on custom-built, high-end homes. To appeal to their target market, they renamed themselves, omitting the word “construction”, which gave consumers the impression that they were a low or middle-class home builder.

We rebranded Homes by Element in two stages. At first, we kept the existing name and used a watermark in the background to signify “Homes By”. Finally, we removed the watermark and simply changed the word mark to “Homes by Element”. We kept the original initials (“e,c”) in the icon for brand recognition.

Homes by Element Logo History

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