Thompson Optics

Local optician and provider of prescription and non-prescription eyewear.

Logo Design

Company Logo Design

A company’s logo must reflect their products or services. Recognizable, iconic imagery strengthens a company’s identity, promoting brand recognition, a key ingredient for customer retention. A logo should also be timeless to ensure it has longevity within a company’s industry or market. We redesigned Thompson Optics’ logo with all these elements in mind to produce a memorable identity that will serve them for years to come.

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Business Cards

Customers’ opinions create a company’s reputation. Since branding shapes customers’ opinions, it’s essential that a brand is consistent and memorable. The Thompson Optics business cards were designed to create a lasting impression and reinforce Thompson’s commitment to high-quality service and care.

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Website & Online Advertising

Company Product Website

Since a website is an extension of a company’s brand, it’s essential that it leaves visitors with a positive experience. Designed as the intermediary touch point of a call to action, the Thompson Optics website allowed customers to make informed decisions about their eye care by providing details about their licensed opticians’ qualifications. The site also included hundreds of their most popular frame styles.

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Direct Mail & Postcard Advertising

Direct mail pieces are an effective way to make a personal connection with customers and reach a large, geographically-targeted audience. Our mailers for Thompson Optics promoted their services while increasing brand awareness.

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Large Format

Store Front Advertising

Large-format advertising reminds consumers of messages that are being promoted through other media. It’s important to stick to simple, direct messaging, using only a few words. Large-format pieces (such as storefront signage) give great value because they are relatively low-cost and offer a lot of exposure. Thompson Optics’ large-format signage promoted the company’s brand and their featured products and sales.

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