National Cappuccino

Jura Print Campaign

Publication ad campaign to promote the high-end Jura espresso machine offered by National Cappuccino.


Avenue Magazine Ad

We strategically placed ads in Avenue Magazine, a local publication with a readership that matched National Cappuccino’s target audiences of young professionals and/or those in higher income brackets. The ad was part of a larger campaign and repeated in four consecutive issues of the magazine to reinforce brand awareness.

National Cappuccino Avenue Magazine Ad


Avenue Magazine Ad Series

Our series of four ads promoting National Cappuccino were consistent with other marketing material and reinforced the company’s branding. The headline-based ads related high-end coffee to a high-end lifestyle and grabbed readers’ attention by using a comedic, arrogant tone (“making your own coffee is for peasants,” and “you deserve better”).

The simple ads prominently featured an attractive product image and had contact info at the bottom, encouraging brand retention and awareness.

National Cappuccino Avenue Magazine Ad Series

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