Driving Force

Outdoor Media

Our large-format outdoor media for Driving Force included vehicle wraps and pylon signs.

Large Format

Vehicle Wrap

To reinforce brand recognition with audiences, we designed vehicle wraps for Driving Force that were consistent with other identity pieces and incorporated the logo and brand colours in a clean, fluid design. The imagery communicated the different vehicles Driving Force offered customers, while the simple call to action directed viewers to the website.

Driving Force Vehicle Wrap

Large Format

Pylon Wrap Clearance Promo

Driving Force had exterior pylon signs ideally suited for large-format advertising. To allow Driving Force to swap out different ads on the sign without damaging the pylon, we developed a solution using commercial-grade velcro to hold a banner in place. This allowed us to stretch the banner ad around the curved sign and keep it tight and smooth.

Driving Force Pylon Wrap Clearance Promo

Large Format

Pylon Wrap Certified Used Promo

Keeping with best practices for large-format signage, the “certified used vehicles” ad banner we designed for Driving Force’s pylon signs used the company’s brand colours and logo, along with simple messaging, to encourage retention with audiences. We used our commercial-grade velcro solution to ensure that the sign could be changed to coincide with different promotions.

Because the banners were detachable, they were also reusable, which made them both economical and environmentally-friendly.

Driving Force Pylon Wrap Certified Used Promo

Large Format

Pylon Wrap 50 Best Promo

The “50 Best” ads we designed for Driving Force’s pylon signs also used consistent branding elements to tie the look and feel in with other marketing pieces. Each ad showcased different vehicles and promotions with a clean design, large headline and vehicle imagery. The sign we designed for Driving Force’s “50 Best” campaign celebrated the company earning an award from Deloitte’s Canada’s Best Managed Companies program, and tied the award in with a “sale-a-bration” promotion.

Driving Force Pylon Wrap 50 Best Promo

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