Copper Tip Energy

Brand Identity Package

Identity package including business cards, brochure, insert, and presentation folder.


Business Card

Copper Tip’s eye-catching business cards were the anchor of their identity package. The information on the card had to be tidy and specific, but flexible enough to allow for interchangeable content. We created a card consistent with the company brand that used clean, simple type and hierarchy of information to allow readers to quickly scan the information.

Copper Tip Energy Business Card



The Copper Tip brochure challenged us to design a clean, easily-read showcase for their products and services that contained a large amount of information and images. The resulting single-fold brochure got the job done, with a clean, branded look and feel and room for trade show inserts as well. The brochure matched the presentation folder.

Copper Tip Energy Brochure



Copper Tip’s inserts provided more detailed information about their services. The inserts could be given to customers looking for specific product information, or they could accompany the brochure as part of an entire sales package.

Featuring a consistent, branded look and feel, the inserts outline a large amount of information while retaining a clean, engaging look and feel.

Copper Tip Energy Insert


Presentation Folder

The presentation folder reinforces Copper Tip’s brand identity with its colours and logo. The design complements the inserts and brochures, making it easy for Copper Tip staff to present a suite of clean, professional marketing pieces to customers. As with other marketing collateral, the folder presents consistent messaging and a clean, simple emphasis on content.

Copper Tip Energy Presentation Folder

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