West Corp

Antares Identity Package

Identity package for Antares including business cards, letter head, presentation folder, and travel mugs.


Business Card

We emphasized the logo design and bold colours in the Antares business cards. The white space and minimal design created visual interest with the orange elements while the clean typeface made the information easy to understand for the audience.

West Corp Business Card



We designed Antares’ letterhead to be minimal and practical. The centre alignment of the colourful logo adds a vibrant touch, while the Westcorp logo is subtly placed along the bottom for brand consistency. The overall impression is spacious and modern.

West Corp Letterhead


Presentation Folder

Westcorp’s Antares employees needed a presentation folder to use when meeting with potential renters. To provide them with a piece that reinforced the Antares brand consistently, we used a circular pattern to tie the design and the logo together. The plentiful white space enhanced the vibrant logo colours, while hints of glossy varnish emphasized the circles and logo on the front and back of the presentation folder.

West Corp Presentation Folder


Travel Mug

To attract renters who wanted the luxury lifestyle of Antares, we created a travel mug as a promotional tool. The clean, modern, sleek design of the cup represents the company and the building, while the black and white backgrounds make the logo design and colour stand out.

West Corp Travel Mug

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